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You're in safe hands with BODYFIT BOOTCAMP and Dane Farrell

"In Dane Farrell, I found someone who knows anatomy and physiology and how best to apply. I feel better, look better and perform better. Dane you are an excellent coach, but you are also a dear friend. Good Luck for the future"

Mart Poom and Family, Arsenal F.C

"You asked for a testimonial, well prepare to blush!! 18 months ago I hated the way I looked, my self esteem was low and stress levels high. Your patience, understanding and commitment for me to succeed was truly magnificent and will be forever in your debt. I have had several trainers, but for me, you are the best! Because you have made significant changes in my life I thank you so much"

Lynda Balic, aged 48, Leicester

"Since working with Dane he has helped me lose what is known in football as 'puppy fat' and has inspired me to make positive and healthy life style changes to further my career in football"

Tom Huddlestone - Tottenham Hotspur and England under 21s

"Dane has been my personal trainer since January 2004, my goal was to get as fit as possible for a woman of my age, and to tone up sagging areas and improve posture. The sessions are very hard work but also enjoyable and fun. I also have a very intensive programme to work on away from the sessions with Dane. I have nothing but praise for the results and achievements that I have made. I've taken this disciplined approach and made it now a way of life."

Sandra Vyse aged 52, Derby

"I have known Dane for many years. I have always been able to call upon him for advice and unconditional support. He possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience for others to benefit. Keep up the good work Dane"

Dion Dublin, Former Leicester City player

"At the age of 18 years I signed professional papers for Derby County F.C. My desire for greater energy and physical strength was quite apparent to Dane. He modified my eating habits and provided in his words a 'train smart' regime which vastly improved my overall physical fitness and well being, which I have maintained to this very day."

Chris Riggot, Middlesbrough F.C

"Dane is a fantastic personal trainer for many different reasons, most importantly because of his infectious enthusiasm and support. He is a genius at keeping the exercises different and interesting. He combines many of his skills and incorporates then into a single programme, making sessions fun and effective"

Marcia Douglas, Aged 41, Leicester

"Dane is a great friend and coach, his devotion, help and support during my periods of injury and rehabilitation was first class. He was always very positive and upbeat! During my two seasons at Derby. Good Luck!"

Fabrizio Ravanelli - Former premiership and Italian international footballer

"What can I say other than thank you Dane for the encouragement, support and self belief you gave my daughter Scarlet during her preparation for her under 14's England netball trials. Words cannot express my gratitude to you"

Marion and Scarlet Williams, W. Sussex

"I am a 40yr old female diabetic. Dane challenged my friend and I in January 2005 to address our life style and so developed a programme which fitted in well with our busy schedule as a finance managers. I have now lost 1 1/2 stone of fat and my diabetes has becoming better controlled. Things are now looking up"

Lois Gallaghan, Melton Mowbray

"If you are looking for a personal trainer, look for someone who will personalise workouts for you. Dane Farrell is that type of trainer. He has knowledge and experience, he doesn't buy into fad diets and routines. His no nonsense disciplined approach and attitude pays dividends"

Edward James, Development Manager, aged 47

"I have attended many seminars and conferences with Dane during the past ten years. Dane impressed me with his drive and passion for fitness and working to help others achieve what they thought would be the impossible"

Ade Mafe, fitness coach, Chelsea F.C

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